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Intangibles have been separately acquired quite as a result of mergers and acquisitions why just exchange and by the ground for example of licenses to operate by the government that classification once a classification to move research and development internal expander expenditures on research and development so very broad-brush indeed so but.

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we can see that historical genesis in research and development are is very much stronger in evidence so where are we at in terms of specific definitions of research of there isn’t one there’s none okay in the standard indeed.

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There are no specific definitions of any types intangibles other than to define an intangible asset an asset and so forth the existence however of IP acknowledged in the standard but only in general discussion giving examples of what the standard assumes and do so his  How much house valuations costs  example from paragraph  here of the standard this is just an example paragraph where if the standard explains that in fact companies expend resources items of an intangible nature and includes amongst the examples license their intellectual property trademarks here and so forth then gives common examples of items underneath the heading you see and broad headings in.

This first paragraph and these include for example patents and copyrights so this is just an example paragraphs definitions at all okay so getting down to the nitty-gritty of what do we actually do with our resources expended IP underneath SS d  so we have two sets of rules nitty-gritty rules we have the definition rules and.the recognition rule both of these both the definition and recognition rules must apply for a company to be able to recognize their.